YUKON – Vertical bagger

 Vertical form, fill and seal machine, model YUKON PE with centre folded film controlled by PLC Siemens.

General technical characteristics:

  • Main Structure made of varnished steel;
  • Electrical cabinet is fixed to the machine;
  • Pneumatic reel-holder shaft;
  • End of film automatic detection system with automatic machine pause when the film-reel is over;
  • Motorized film-pulling unit;
  • Film-unwind process is carried out by a toothed belt coated in Linatex;
  • N.1 Loading station fully respecting the ruling safety norms;
  • Pneumatic unit for horizontal sealing and cutting processes, with sealing band and knife;
  • Pneumatic unit for vertical sealing and cutting processes, composed of a hot bar fit to an adjustable sliding block;
  • Bag length measuring system: Encoder
  • Exit conveyor belt, which holds and leads the already made bags outwards. It can be adjusted (up/downwards) according to the vertical size of the bag;
  • Film pulling device for wasted film;
  • Max. bag length: 500mm;
  • Max. empty bag width: 480 mm;
  • Max film reel width: 570mm.
  • PLC Siemens control system;
  • CE Certification.
  • Power Supply: 380V-50HZ-3 phase+N-Ground.


Via Keplero, 18
36034 Malo (VI)

T. +39 0445580688
F. +39 0445580766


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